Mister the director, you can’t lie to the students !

Elected students representatives of the Sciences Po Board of Directors (Conseil de Direction, CD) received the 2014 draft budget that will be voted on December 9th.

 UNEF elected students realized that the administration planned to increase the tuition fees of an average of 3% per income bracket (+400 euros). Therefore, tuition fees would increase  of 7,1% overall, as the scale is fixed (see box). Frederic Mion has committed twice to not increase the tuition fees during his mandate:

–          February 28th, 2013: auditioned as a candidate to the direction of Sciences Po, by the CD: “Mister Mion … adds that the share of tuition fees in financings will not rise, as the level of these tuition fees has already reached the maximal that may be supportable.” (extract from CD minutes).

–          May 9th, 2012: interview in La Péniche:  “It seems to me … that we have reached the maximal of what is possible today in terms of the level of tuition fees, then my intention is of course not to rise them” ( from 0min27 )

 Therefore, the Director just broke a central commitment of his project. This situation is even more intolerable regarding the growing difficulties of students to finance their studies at Sciences Po (salaried students, debt).

 UNEF has constantly denounced an unfair and unbearable system of tuition fees that is a barrier for Sciences Po democratization.

We appeal to students to join the General Assembly (Assemblée Générale) on Thursday 28th of November at 5 pm in la Péniche. The aim is to show the opposition of Sciences Po students to the rise of tuition fees and obtain from the direction a reform of the system of tuition fees.


 “Fixed scale”

The tuition fees scale is composed of 11 brackets. Every year, due to inflation, wages increase while the scale is fixed. Then, this rise of wages leads to the move to the next bracket (corresponding to higher tuition fees).

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